Using Asttle to inform teaching and enhance learning - from Pigeon Mountain School.

Bucklands Beach Primary are using wikis in an innovative way to share daily notices within the school.

Bucklands Beach Primary name all their ICT equipment with human names. This makes it easier for young children to identify and check on pieces of equipment.

Room 2 at Bucklands Beach Primary School demonstrate some features of their blog and wiki. These web2.0 tools excite and engage the Year 6 students. Here they use their blogs and wikis for mathematics and language activities. The photo galleries of events are a great opportunity to share student learning.

Pigeon Mountain Primary School are working on the Assessment for Learning (AFoL) contract. This video shows teachers using Learning Intentions and co-constructing Success Criteria

An outline of the motivation for any major learning unit - Learning Intentions, asking questions about the LI and identified prior knowledge, modelling to unpack, discussions and identify the Success Criteria.
Bucklands Beach Intermediate School

A slideshow outlining how Information Literacy Skills can be used in the classroom.
Mellons Bay Primary School

The structure of a writing lesson, including purpose, Learning Intentions, using prior knowledge, modelling, questioning, feedback and reflection.
Bucklands Beach Intermediate School